Principal’s Letter

                                                                                                                                        March 26, 2020

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

            As time goes on, I know that this separation from work and school becomes more and more frustrating and difficult for everyone.  We at school are attempting to make the situation easier for all of our families.  I would venture to guess that the multiple messages being received from us amid caring for your families and working from home is not easy.

            Unfortunately, I’m about to add more information.  Hopefully, this will be helpful going forward and answer some of your concerns as we proceed with this school year.  In order to prepare our students to pass forward to the next grade, we are required to have evidence that they are continuing with their school work.  This includes taking attendance as indicated by Mrs. B in her messages.  The second indication would be the submission of assigned work either by email, snail mail, or drop off.  Work will be graded based on the assignments completed.

            That being said, in my conference call with the principals and superintendent of our Diocese.  It seems that we are moving ahead more quickly than our counterparts in many other schools.  As this situation proceeds, we will continue to evolve in terms of our delivery of work. 

Our superintendent has asked that Fridays be reserved for alternate learning activities (e.g., walking and exercise outside when weather permits, reading appropriately timed for grade levels, craft and art activities, cards and letters to family or those who are helping during this difficult time, board games).  The teachers are expected to suggest activities in their messages to the students and you prior to Friday.  Students do not need to login on Fridays and teachers will be using this time for planning.  This is not to say that they will not be available to you for questions or reassurance. 

I am truly grateful for all of our parents and teachers as we continue this unprecedented teaching/learning time.  I want our 8thGraders and their families to know that we intend to celebrate your graduation when the times and circumstances allow us to do so.  Our diplomas have been ordered and our caps and gowns will be as well.  

You are all in my prayers. I am so proud to be your principal. Please keep me in your prayers as we are all in God’s loving hands.


 Marianne Cote, Principal