May 20th Announcement

                                                                                                                                          April 9, 2020

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

On this Holy Thursday, it is certainly with mixed emotions that I announce that in keeping with the announcement made by the Connecticut Commissioner of Education, our school will now be closed up until May 20, 2020.  Prior to that time the situation will be reassessed.

As has been the case since March 16th, our teachers and I will continue to educate your children using the many resources available to us and to you. The teachers and I are meeting each week using “google meet” to share our concerns and to search for solutions for these concerns.

Our next pick-up and drop-off day will be Monday, April 20thfrom 8-10 a.m.  Grades 6-8 are receiving their assignments and discussions on line. Other grades will be moving in that direction.

Please do not hesitate to share your concerns with them and with me using our email addresses. I continue to call our families to check in with you.  I know that many parents are working from home, while trying to assist your children in completing school work, and many teachers are doing the same. This is an unprecedented situation that requires patience and prayer on everyone’s part. We begin and end each day at school with prayer.  I know teachers are trying to do the same.  I would suggest that whenever possible our families do the same.

We have many families whose parents are continuing to go to the workplace, many in the healthcare places and as first responders. Perhaps, we can send some extra prayers their way. 

Easter is a time of miracles and it is indeed a time to prayer for those miracles. Happy and Blessed Easter!  Everyone remains in my prayers.

Marianne Cote,