Principal’s Letter, June 10, 2020

June 10, 2020

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

                On this last day of this 2019-2020 School Year, I wish to thank all of you and our staff for everything you have done to bring us to this time.  In this time of unrest in our nation and communities and in this time of fear for the health of our friends and families, we have remained steadfast in prayer and determination to continue our children’s Catholic education.  I am so grateful to each and every one of you!

I ask that you join me in congratulating our Class of 2020 on their Graduation this past Saturday.  For those who wish to see the ceremony and were unable to tune in on Saturday, June 6th, you may view it through the St. Joseph Church website, on YouTube.

                In light of the times in which we are living, I feel a reminder of our Mission Statement in its acronym form is in order. Our students and staff recite it daily.  Our “Amen” states: “We accept each person as a unique creation in God’s image; we educate each other for life; we model Jesus as we make everyone feel welcome in this holy place; and, we nurture the diverse gifts of the whole school family.” This is the community we profess to be every day, whether in the school building, in our homes, or in our communities.  May we live this every day as we are called to be people of justice and compassion!

                Report cards will be sent to you within the next two weeks.  As mentioned previously, students will be graded on the skills we have been able to observe based on work completed. As we prepare for the upcoming school year, we are aware that there may be some “missing pieces” from the past 3 months.  This will be addressed as we plan our re-opening.  In the meantime, you will be able to help by having your children spend some time each day in reading and discussing with them what has been read.  Continue reading to your children, regardless of their age.  This will continue to enhance their own reading ability.  Where math is concerned there is always room for additional math facts practice.

                We are all looking forward to a joyful and smooth transition back to school.  The staff will be meeting during the summer to assure this happens.  I will continue to communicate through newsletters to update you as we move forward.  Currently, I am working on a calendar and the particulars of our return to our wonderful St. Joseph School as the family that we are.  As the plan and the calendar become clearer, through communication with the Diocese, our Pastor and the local school system, I will share this information with you.

                Regretfully, we were unable to celebrate our Awards Day this year.  I do have some good news for our new eighth graders.  Mrs. Ann Marie Deren, in memory of Dr. Michael Deren has donated 5- $1000 Scholarships for 8th grade, and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Milanytch have donated 2-$1000 and 4-$500 Scholarships for 8th grade.  We have also received 4-Book Fee Awards also for our 8th graders.  These have been awarded as follows.  We congratulate all of the students receiving these awards for their understanding of what Catholic Education means, overall understanding of Faith and prayer, living the Mission, service, and academic success. Congratulations to all of our Awardees!

$ 1000 in Memory of Dr. Michael Deren               

  • Tyler Bustamonte
  • Charlotte Day
  • Benjamin Howes
  • Timothy Regan
  • Savas Videll

$ 1000 in Honor of Father Castaldi

  • Catherine Hannaford
  • Seidi Schiro

$ 500 in Honor of Father Castaldi

  • Bode Brenek
  • Elizabeth Catala
  • Alyssa Hernandez
  • Maeve Surprenant

Book Fee Awards given in Memory of Todd Williamson to Andrew Coronado and Elic Lebron.  Book Fee Award in Honor of James and Rose Cawley given to Clare Ward.  Book Fee Award given by the Home-School Association to Eve Antupit. These are $100 awards.

                I wish you peace and calm.  I wish you health and happiness.  I wish you a summer of reflection on where we have been, where we are, and where are going.  I wish you joy in your families and God’s blessings in your homes.

                You are in my prayers, as I ask for yours.



               Marianne  Cote