Principal’s Letter, 10/14/20

October 14, 2020


Dear Parents,

            During the month of October, we are continuing the tradition of praying a decade of the Most Holy Rosary before the students enter the building. At this time, we are physically distant and wearing masks.  As long as the weather allows, we will continue to have morning prayer at least once per week, as a whole school family, in this fashion.  We pray for the health and safety of all in our school, our community, and the world.

            This being said, we wish to remind everyone that we will continue to “cohort” in school, wearing masks and remaining as physically distant as possible.  Thus far, we have been successful in the school setting in keeping everyone healthy and safe. We ask that you also be mindful of this practice when participating in activities outside of the school setting for the sake all here at school and for your own families.

            Our students are reminded daily of the great love that God has for each of us.  He calls us to be peaceful and just in our dealings with one another, remembering that He lives within each one of us, and that each of us is His child. When we gather we continue to say our AMEN. 

            Thank you for remembering our return to the more formal uniform. I remind everyone that only school sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn in the classrooms. These include the official uniform sweatshirt or sweater from Donnelly’s uniform company, and for the time being the gray spirit wear shirts, or the basketball sweatshirt.  It will be getting colder and the windows will be partially opened for fresh air. If you are still in need of an order form for the gray sweatshirt, please contact the office. 

            For the time being, students will wear their sneakers to school on gym days.  The girls are asked to wear their uniform knee socks and shorts under their jumpers or skirts.

            We remind everyone once again that if for some reason your child is going to be absent from school, it is your responsibility to call the front office and to send a note.  Please do not email or text teachers for this purpose.  Mrs. Tejera will be checking on students who are absent.  If you are traveling out of state for any reason, the school will need to know where you are going and your mode of travel to determine (based on health department regulations and school policy), whether or not your child will need to quarantine and/or be tested prior to returning to school.  Your patience and your respect of these policies is for the protection of everyone involved. We assume that for the safety of your families and all in school that you are following healthy practices as well.

            We are continuing to look for creative ways to continue our St. Joseph School traditions—perhaps virtual Lessons and Carols with the help of some good friends?

            Once again, please note that there has been a change in the parent/teacher conference format and timing on the October calendar.  Please note that the second afternoon, October 23rd, originally designated as parent/teacher conferences will not be used for conferences, but will be used as professional development for the teachers.  On October 22nd parent/teacher conferences will be held by phone or in a virtual format by request of the parent or the teacher.  In person conferences will not be held at this time, unless the principal requests such a conference.  Both October 22nd and 23rd will be 12:30 dismissal days.  Please plan accordingly for child care.

            Thank you for participating in our fundraising effort of Lyman Orchard Pies. The answer to your holiday baking responsibilities has begun! All fundraisers benefit our children

            May Jesus, Mary our Blessed Mother, and St. Joseph watch over us and protect us. I continue to hold you in my prayers, and ask that you keep me in yours.


                                                                                                Marianne Cote