Principal’s Letter, 10/28/2020

October 28, 2020


Dear Parents,

            This weekend we celebrate the feast of All Saints.  We remember that while the Church designates some holy people as Saints with a capital “S”, we know that there are many additional holy persons whose names are not brought forth through the process which the Church call Beatification for the “Blessed” and “Canonization” for those designated as “Saints”. Each of us strives to be holy and thus saintly, through our goodness and acts of compassion, justice and love.  In the time of All Saints we pray for peace in our world and for the health and safety of all in our school, our community, and the world.

            This being said, we wish to remind everyone that we will continue to “cohort” in school, wearing masks and remaining as physically distant as possible in those class groups.  We ask that you also be mindful of this practice when participating in activities outside of the school setting, keeping in mind the health of all here at school and that of your own families.

            School Pictures for those who were absent will be held in November. When you receive the November calendar, please post in where it will be most visible to you. Please note that there is school on Election Day, and no school on November 11th, Veteran’s Day.  We will close for Thanksgiving at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 24th and resume school on November 30th. 

            There will be a calendar revision for February.  Since our “sister” schools in the Diocese, including St. Bernard, are closing for the full week of February 15th through the 19th, we will do the same and take the full week for winter break.

            We remind everyone once again that if for some reason your child is going to be absent from school, it is your responsibility to call the front office and to send a note prior to the absence if it is not due to illness, and upon your child’s return if it is due to illness.  Please do not email or text teachers for this purpose.  Mrs. Tejera will be checking on students who are absent.  If you are traveling out of state for any reason, the school will need to know where you are going and your mode of travel to determine (based on health department regulations and school policy), whether or not your child will need to quarantine and/or be tested prior to returning to school.  Your patience and your respect of these policies is for the protection of everyone involved. We assume that for the safety of your families and all in school that you are following healthy practices as well. 

            Halloween is coming and since we are unable to have our usual Halloween Party, our 8th graders have asked to host Trick-or-Treating through the gym area (one class at a time) for Grades K-5.  All students may wear casually appropriate clothing to include Halloween shirts and/or socks.  No costumes may be worn. A separate treat will be provided for Grades 6 and 7.

            Our Lyman Orchard Pie Sale has been a great success. Thank you to all who participated and to Mrs. Tierney who took the helm in this effort.  Pies will be delivered to the school the week of Thanksgiving.

            The next fundraising endeavor will be out annual Christmas Wreath Sale.  Please look for the flyer and order form.  If everyone does a little, we gain much!

            May Jesus, Mary our Blessed Mother, and St. Joseph watch over us and protect us. I continue to hold you in my prayers, and ask that you keep me in yours.


                                                                                                Marianne Cote