Principal’s Letter, 1/19/21

January 19, 2021


Dear St. Joseph School Families,

Usually, my letter comes to you on Wednesday, but I thought this week Tuesday would be more appropriate, since we just celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. and we are about to inaugurate our new president.

You may know that Pope Francis has designated this year as the Year of St. Joseph. What does that mean for us not only here at St. Joseph School, but also for all who listen to the Pope’s words?  If we stop to think about who St. Joseph was, we see a man who was a devout Jewish man, who was clearly special in the eyes of God. He was a man who protected his child, leaving in the middle of the night to keep his family safe from those who sought to hurt them.  We don’t hear much about Joseph in the Gospels, because these are not biographies for the most part.  We do know he took great care of his family, working as a carpenter to provide for his family, and teaching Jesus his trade as was the tradition of the time. Joseph raised Jesus to be a holy, caring, compassion, peaceful, and loving person, who believed that God was his Abba, Father.

Do we see ourselves mirrored in the picture that has been painted for us of this wonderful parent? Do we see our children growing in grace before God? These are excellent questions to ask ourselves. Even though I am not a parent, I do ask myself these questions every day, as I begin each day at a school whose patron is St. Joseph.

As we remember Martin Luther King, Jr., we are reminded of our own call to be a peaceful people who seek justice and life for all of God’s children. We celebrated the man whose dream it was that all would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.  Isn’t this the dream of God’s kingdom to which we are all called? We are called to bring forth this kingdom to earth—one of compassion and justice for all people, one of peace.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the inauguration of our new president and vice-president. We will witness for only the second time in history, a president who is a Roman Catholic, one who is active in his faith.  Soon to be President Biden takes seriously his Baptismal call to serve with compassion for all, with justice and with peace.  He is a prayerful man who attends Mass and carries his Rosary with him daily. We will also witness and celebrate the swearing in of the first woman, a woman of color, to take the office of the Vice-President of the United States.  We pray for both Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris, that they may successfully carry out their duties for the offices to which they were elected, remembering the ideals of our democracy and that to which God calls them.

As we continue to provide for the children of our school on a daily basis and to allow for some celebrations COVID style, we have sent a flyer home for your participation in an addition fundraiser through Little Caesar’s Pizza.  We at school thought that making pizza at home might be a safe and fun activity for the kids during vacation.  Please note that orders are due at school at the beginning of next week. Delivery will be the week of February 8th. Thank you for your assistance.

Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated at school in a safe manner during the week of February 1st-5th.  Additional information will be forthcoming. As our service to others, we will be collecting new socks for St. Vincent de Paul in Norwich. This collection will start next Monday and will continue through February 5th.

We continue to keep the health and safety of all of our families in our prayers, and ask that you continue to pray for us.




Marianne Cote