Principal’s Letter, 2/10/21

February 10, 2021


Dear St. Joseph School Families,


Next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, we will begin the season of Lent.   The word is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for “springtide”. As we journey through the Lenten season, we remember the events that led to Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  Without this Jesus’ rising from the dead, there would be no Easter.  During this Lenten season we are called to change our hearts to be more like the heart of Jesus. In so doing, we pray, sacrifice, and serve those in need.  Each of our faith traditions, as us to sacrifice in particular ways.  For those of us who are baptized into the Catholic faith tradition, we are asked to not only pray and serve, but also to sacrifice through fasting and abstinence.

The rule of fasting is for those who are 18 through 59 years of age.  This means that people of that age would eat less than is customary and not eat between meals, assuming their health allows for this.  Fasting is asked on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. The rule of abstinence is for all who are 14 or older.  This simply means that we eat no meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all the Fridays of Lent.

At school we will continue to pray, using the signs and symbols of Baptism with our school family.  We will also be finding additional ways to serve those in need. Our 7th and 8th graders usually cook for the Community Meal Center on Montauk Avenue.  We will look for a way to continue this tradition that is safe in this time of concern for everyone’s health. Our Sock Collection concludes this Friday.

We wish to thank all those who made our Catholic Schools Week the special one that it was!

            Catholic Foundation Scholarship Applications may be completed starting now on the FACTS website. Please note that last year’s tax information may be used.  Please do not let this opportunity pass, as it not only helps your family, but also our school. Anyone wishing to complete this application should begin the process ASAP. In order to receive additional financial assistance, it is necessary to complete this application on the FACTS system. The deadline is March 5, 2021 with no exceptions. 


I remind you that next week is the February vacation week.  The school will be closed from February 15th through the 19th and will reopen on February 22nd.

The next report card date is scheduled for March 26th.

Please keep all those who are in need in your prayers.  You are in ours always.


Marianne Cote