Principal’s Letter, 3/3/21

March 3, 2021


Dear St. Joseph School Families,

March is upon us and we continue our journey through Lent with prayer, sacrifice and service.  Among our preparations for Easter are our Lenten prayer with the Baptismal symbols, being called by name is this week’s sign.  We are welcomed into our families by name indicating our belonging. We are also reminded that God calls us for a purpose, “because we are precious in His eyes and because He loves us. God asks only that we respond to His love through all that we do.

Called to serve in this Lenten season, our physical education classes will be asked to financially contribute to the American Heart Association through specific activities that Ms. Kornacki will be sharing with you and your children.  Later in the month our 7th and 8th graders will be cooking (in a safe manner) for the Community Meal Center. The meal will be cooked here at school and delivered by adults to be distributed by Meal Center personnel. Usually, we would have a bake sale to earn funding for this, but at this time it is not possible.  The 8th grade has already voted to donate the pizza money they have collected for the cause.  Anyone wishing to help financially may do so by sending a donation in care of Gr. 7 and  8/Community Meal Center to the school office. The remaining students will be making cards to cheer those who visit the Meal Center to pick up their meals (no names included).  These will be places with the take-out meals.

Re-registrations for current students for the 2021-2022 school year are due.  Please send your form in as soon as possible.  We do have waiting lists for most grades and would like to respond to the persons who are waiting to hear from us.  Application forms must be completed for Kindergarten students whether they are siblings of current students or not. These can be requested through the office or printed from the website at Thank you for your prompt response.

            Catholic Foundation Scholarship Applications may be completed starting now on the FACTS website. Please note that last year’s tax information may be used.  Please do not let this opportunity pass, as it not only helps your family, but also our school. Anyone wishing to complete this application should begin the process ASAP. In order to receive additional financial assistance from the school, it is necessary to complete this application on the FACTS system. The deadline is Friday, March 5, 2021 with no exceptions.


BRAVO, to our students, teachers and parents for continuing to keep our school alive and well!

The “Butter-Braid” fundraiser is underway. Please see the flyer and order form that was sent home for dates and additional information.  Please remember that all proceeds benefit our school children. Delivery will be in time for Easter.

The next report card date is scheduled for March 26th.  Please sign the envelope when you receive it and return the envelope to school to indicate your receipt of the report.

Please keep all those who are in need in your prayers.  You are in ours always.


Marianne Cote, Principal