Principal’s Letter – 09/01/21

September 1, 2021

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

It was wonderful to welcome our students back to school today!! We thank you for entrusting your children to the safety of St. Joseph School, as we move forward despite the restrictions that are still in place. This morning Fr. Mark joined us in prayer as we blessed our building and all who will pray, learn and play within its walls. With God’s guidance and protection, we know we will succeed once again in keeping our children in school for in-person learning.

We are continuing the practice of wearing masks inside for the safety of all. We will also be social distancing within the building, disinfecting and using frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer. We will be having lunch in our lunch room this year, being sure to keep everyone at an appropriate distance.

We will be allowing outside field trips with appropriate measures in place.

We welcome our new students and their families to their new school “home”; we welcome back last year’s students and their families. We are confident that our new families will find a home here, just as we all did upon arriving at St. Joseph School.

We also have some new faces among our faculty and staff.  We welcome Ms. Julie Sedensky is our new Grade 3 teacher and Mrs. Lauren Phillips as our new Grade 2 Aide.  Some familiar faces have moved to new positions. Mrs. Allgaier is in Kindergarten; Mrs. Batch is in Grade 1; Mrs. Bustamonte is in Grade 7 and teaching middle grade English and Literature.  You will also see Mrs. Williamson as our new librarian.  We are awaiting a new general music teacher, Mrs. Diana Blanda and a new Future Musicians instrumental teacher, Mr. Johnny-Lee Walton. Future Musicians is a tuition-based program for students in grades 4-8.

We are all concerned for the health and safety of all of our children, our families and our staff.  In light of this concern, we want everyone to know that the school has appropriate measures to ensure that we all remain safe.  These are based on our school policies, and the health and safety recommendation of the Ledge Light Health District, in keeping with State and CDC guidelines. All faculty and staff members have been vaccinated, and will continue to wear masks inside in the presence of the children. We are not allowing parents and other visitors into the building proper for the safety of all.

Summer uniforms for students will be worn from September 1st until otherwise stated, weather permitting. All students shall come to school with a backpack.  This will hang on the backs of their chairs and will accommodate lunches and water bottles during the school day. All students need a reusable water bottle and a mask and a spare.

If you are planning to send your children to the after-school care program, please notify the office and complete the paperwork for this program. 

We ask that you review the school handbook, as you will be asked to sign papers indicating that you have done so.  This can be found on

Last but certainly not least, I remind you of our St. Joseph School Mission. Each child’s success at St. Joseph is the responsibility of all in the school family. As the first educators of your children, this success is closely linked to all you do at home as, well as, to your continued support of our school’s mission, its policies, teachers, staff, and administration. Your trust in us as Catholic School Educators is of the utmost importance, as we work together, for the success of our children. The words, “Be it known to all who enter here that Jesus Christ is the reason for this school.  He is the unseen but ever-present teacher in its classes.  He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students”, greet us at the front doorWe are also reminded of and take seriously our AMEN, our Mission which states that we:  “Accept each person as a unique creation in God’s image; Model Jesus as we make everyone feel welcome in this holy place; Educate each person for life; and, Nurture the diverse gifts and talents of the whole school family.”  May these words be uppermost in all of our minds and hearts each day of this 2021-22 school year.

I am truly proud to be the principal of our wonderful St. Joseph School.  I continue to hold you in my prayers, and ask that you keep me in yours. 


Marianne Cote, Principal