Principal’s Letter – 01/05/22

Saint Joseph School
25 Squire Street
New London, Connecticut 0632

January 5, 2022

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

As we begin this year of 2022 at school, we wish you a new year of health and happiness in your families, and of course, in our school. We seem to be in a time of seeing more COVID virus cases than ever in our communities. We wish you to know that at this time we have still seen no transmission within our school. This is due to mask wearing, hand washing, and supportive parents who understand the regulations, and when they do not, email or call to seek advice as to the procedures. It is our hope to continue our success rate in keeping our school and its classrooms open.

This being said, we have more and more students arriving without masks and without water bottles. The school does not have the means to supply masks or bottles for our students. The supply we purchased is quickly disappearing and we are not among those who receive thousands of free masks. Every child needs to come to school wearing a mask (3-ply disposables or N95 masks are indicated to be more effective) and have a spare in their backpack or pocket. All students must bring a water bottle to school as well. Please remind your children of the importance of keeping their mask over both their mouths and their noses. We are doing the same continually.

St. Joseph School is open all this week, barring any snow storms. Friday is a 12:30 dismissal day with Mass at 9 a.m. and a faculty meeting after dismissal. Please consult your January calendar. Next week, on January 14th there will be no school for a professional development day for the staff.

When school is closed due to a weather event, you will be notified through a phone message, text, and email. If this occurs, please check your messages. Do not call the school, as no one will be in the building. Cancellations will also be announced on TV on Channel 3 (WFSB) and Channel 30(WVIT).

As the weather has become colder, we are still noticing that some students are not coming to school appropriately dressed. Winter coats, hats and gloves are necessary. We are still sending students outside for fresh air and mask breaks.

With regard to appropriate school attire, many students are still not wearing school shoes. In a previous letter I did mention that in the new year, athletic shoes would not be acceptable. Since some of you have indicated a difficulty in finding tan bucks, other options were mentioned. We do have several new students who did manage to find the tan school shoes on line, but if this is not possible there are other shoe options. Thank you for your cooperation in this attempt to maintain our school uniform.

We continue to keep everyone in our prayers for health and safety in this trying time.

God’s Blessings on Everyone!

Marianne Cote, Principal