Principal’s Letter – 01/12/22

Saint Joseph School
25 Squire Street
New London, Connecticut 06320

January 12, 2022

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

With the Baptism of the Lord, we have ended the Christmas season and moved into Ordinary time in the liturgical calendar. However, this time in the Church calendar is by no means ordinary. For it is during this time that we seek to find the natures of God—Father, Son, and Spirit in the ordinary activities of our every day lives. With God may be the only place where we find the ordinary in these months. Seek Him in prayer, in faith, and in the goodness of creation.

This week, on January 14th there will be no school for a professional development day for the staff. In addition, January 17th is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on which school is also closed.

When school is closed due to a weather event, you will be notified through a phone or text message. If this occurs, please check your messages. Do not call the school, as no one will be in the building. Cancellations will also be announced on TV on Channel 3 (WFSB) and Channel 30 (WVIT).

Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated appropriately here at school. As with last year our celebration will be modified due to the virus. The dates of the celebration will be January 31 through February 4th. A calendar of in-school activities will be sent separately.

As indicated in December, our annual Food Collection will take place during the weeks of January 17th through the 28th. As a Catholic School we are called to serve those in need and Catholic Schools Weeks is a perfect time to answer this call. The following items are needed: canned meats and tuna fish, canned soups, peanut butter, pasta and pasta sauce, canned vegetables, rice and beans. Please, no glass containers. Thank you for your generosity.

I am truly sorry to have to mention this issue; however, it has become increasingly more problematic. Each week, sometimes more than once per week, we are finding wet paper towels thrown in wads on the walls, and stuffed in the sinks or toilets in the boys’ restrooms, both up and downstairs. Mr. Moore and Mrs. Tejera have been the persons having to clean the messes being made by the boys who are responsible for this behavior. Not only does this show a lack of respect for our school building, requiring additional work for these two dedicated individuals, but these pranks are unsanitary and cost the school additional money for these wasted supplies. As yet we have been unable to determine the responsible parties. Please talk to your boys about responsibility and appropriate behavior. I don’t expect that anyone would want this to be happening in their home, nor do parents want their children subjected to this type of behavior or these conditions. Thank you for your support in this matter.

At the end of this month our students in Grade 3 will perform their play. As in the past months students will view the play in two sessions with Grade 3 parents invited to the afternoon session.

Please note: On February 15th and 16th we will have a cyber-safety presentation. The 15th will be a virtual, evening presentation for parents and guardians, while the 16th will be an in-school presentation for the students.

We continue to keep everyone in our prayers for health and safety in this trying time.

God’s Blessings on Everyone!

Marianne Cote, Principal