Principal’s Letter – 02/02/22

Saint Joseph School
25 Squire Street
New London, Connecticut 06320

“A Holy Place Where We Discover Each Other In God’s Love.”


February 2, 2022

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

This week we celebrate Catholic Schools Week throughout our nation. We pray in a special way during this week for all those who are a part of our St. Joseph School Community, our families, our teachers, staff members, and administrators. Today we remember in a special way all those who staffed our school during the 84 years of educating our children, as well as our alumni, on whose shoulders we stand. As the sign at our front door reads, “Christ is the ever-present teacher in our classes, the model of our teachers and staff, and the inspiration of its students.”

Thursday is Student Appreciation Day. This will be a casual day for all students and teachers. Pizza and ice cream will be served for lunch. (One of the benefits of fundraising.) Friday is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day. Please thank them, and remember them in your prayers. Friday we will celebrate Mass at 9 a.m. This Friday is also an early dismissal day. School will close at 12:30 p.m. to allow the staff to share lunch together.

Catholic Foundation Scholarship Applications must be completed on the FACTS website. Please note that last year’s tax information may be used. Please do not let this opportunity pass, as it not only helps your family, but also our school. Anyone wishing to complete this application should begin the process ASAP. In order to receive additional financial assistance, it is necessary to complete this application on the FACTS system. The deadline is March 5, 2021 with no exceptions.

As I share the meditation below and my prayers for all of you, I am forever grateful for your children and your support of our wonderful St. Joseph School.

As always, you are in our prayers. Please continue to keep us in yours.

Marianne Cote, Principal


Holy Are We Who Stand for These Children

Holy are we who stand for these children.
We are the parents and grandparents who give life to our sons and daughters.
We are their first teachers, gifting them with the beginning of life’s lessons.
Blessed are we, for our love never ends and our commitment is forever.

Holy are we who stand for these children.
We are the teachers and teacher’s aides who share with these young people a life-long love of God and learning.
Blessed are we for giving our hearts to a demanding profession, for our lessons are written in the
achievements and successes of our students.

Holy are we who stand for these children.
We are the nurses who keep the children school-healthy, sharing our tender loving care, we are the counselors who bandage hearts, we are the secretaries who hold hands and find copies of yesterday’s forms.
Blessed are we for giving our energy to healing and organizing for our skills are building blocks of God’s great plans.

Holy are we who stand for these children.
We are the volunteers who help our school in countless ways.
Blessed are we for helping in the lunch room, cooking breakfasts and dinners, baking cookies, coaching sports teams, and helping in every way needed.

Holy are we who stand for these children.
We are the maintenance and trades people who keep our school clean and in safe working order.
Blessed are we for working at tasks that never end and begin anew each day.

Holy are we who stand for these children.
We are the principals who use our skills and understanding of the Catholic School Mission in guiding our schools toward the goals of sharing God’s Word, building the faith community, and serving others.
We knit the present to the future in endless but rewarding planning.
Blessed are we for stretching ourselves beyond our limits of time and energy because of our love for our Catholic School and all those who make this school possible.

Holy are we who stand for these children.
We are the parish priests and the parish community that believes in the mission of St. Joseph School providing support through our prayers and our generosity of treasure.
Blessed are we all when in all of these things we build the Kingdom of God.

(Adapted from a Catholic Schools Week Prayer by Patricia Dougherty)