Administration and Faculty

Pastor- Father Mark O’Donnell  stbrendanthenavigator2017@gmail.com

Principal- Ms. Marianne Cote   Principal@sjsnl.org

Kindergarten and Teacher in Charge- Ms. Christine Williamson  kindergarten@sjsnl.org

Grade 1- Mrs. Tracy Allgaier  grade1@sjsnl.org

Grade 2- Mrs. Sandra Chapman-Pisarz  grade2@sjsnl.org

Grade 3- Mrs. Samantha Batch   grade3@sjsnl.org

Grade 4- Mrs. Christina Baukus   grade4@sjsnl.org

Grade 5- Mrs. Karen Podurgiel   grade5@sjsnl.org

Grade 6- Mrs. Gillian Egan    grade6e@sjsnl.org 

              Mrs. Jennifer Londregan      grade6l@sjsnl.org

Grade 7- Miss Alexandra Tynan  Grade7t@sjsnl.org

Grade 8- Mrs. Tamara Howes  Grade8h@sjsnl.org

Computer- Miss Amanda Lakowsky   alakowsky@sjsnl.org

Library and Tuition – Ms. Jennifer Bustamonte TuitionAdmin@sjsnl.org

Latin/French/Art- Mrs. Jean Butchka  artforlanguage@sjsnl.org

Physical Education/Health- Miss Katelyn Morrell  pehealth@sjsnl.org

Music/Band/Chorus- Mr. Marty wirt

Bell Choir- Mrs. Amy Bentley


Classroom Aides

Kindergarten- Mr.Gregory Moore

Grade 1-

Building Aide- Mrs. Elizabeth Delehanty


Support Staff

Secretary- Mrs. Donna Bailey

Administrative Assistant- Ms. Jennifer Bustamonte

Building Maintenance- Mr. Gregory Moore

School Nurse- Mrs. Ana Tejera

Guidance- Mrs. Mary Sweeney, MSW