Our Goals


To assist parents in the faith formation of their children.  We will provide instruction in sacramental preparation (I.e., Eucharist and Reconciliation) for students and parents.

  • We will provide a variety of experiences for the development of the prayer life of our  community (e.g., school-wide Liturgies, days of prayer for faculty and students, faculty prayer, Monday morning prayer, Reconciliation services, Advent and Lenten prayer gatherings, The Seder Meal, traditional devotions-the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross, and a variety of prayer forms within the classroom setting).
  • We will provide instruction, which will enable an age appropriate understanding of Scripture, Doctrine, Church and Sacraments, as well as an awareness of our responsibilities within the global society in which we live.
  • We will model the Beatitudes of Jesus, committed to each person’s self-worth, to forming Christian relationships within our community and to understanding our call in Baptism to be “priest, prophet and king”.

To develop in each student a value system based upon the Gospel Message of love of God, self, family and neighbor.

  • We will strive to develop the self-worth of each individual through a variety of experiences (e.g., Benziger Family Life Program, a health curriculum based on Catholic moral teaching, the Meology, Student of the Week, the Principal’s Gallery, and class plays highlighting all students’ gifts).
  • We will provide opportunities for decision-making and the acceptance of Christian responsibility (e.g., student council, outreach to the local, national and world communities, and service within the school community).
  • We will provide opportunities for cooperation and positive competition among the students (e.g., achievement lists, class plays, reading and writing buddy programs, Art Exhibit, Games Day teams, Oratory Program, Science Fair, and sports programs).

To integrate our Catholic Faith with life and learning by recognizing the uniqueness of each child’s needs, gifts and talents, and by enabling the development of the whole child.

  • We will provide opportunities for cooperative activities in which staff and students share their gifts and talents (e.g., Grades 6-8 prayer days, class plays, school band and chorus, art exhibits, science fair, Young Author’s Program, Civic Oration, Awards Day, reading and writing programs, athletic programs, New London Unit, Summer Reading Awards).

To create an environment which models responsibility for choices, self-discipline, mutual respect, understanding and loyalty among all members of the school community.

  • We will provide instructional workshops for parents (e.g., sacramental preparation, kindergarten and middle-grade orientation, Open House, Internet Safety).
  • We will provide opportunities which foster awareness of those outside our school community (e.g., outreach programs to the sick, the elderly and the poor, Mission Awareness, and a variety of speakers).
  • We will provide opportunities for interaction with members of our extended community (e.g., Home-School Association activities, family picnic, Prayer Partners, Grandparent’s Day, Mother’s Day Tea, Dad’s Day Lunch, parent, alumni, and community speakers).
  • We will provide programs of affirmation of our God-given gifts within the school community (e.g., achievement lists, appreciation days, Award’s Day, the Principal’s Gallery, class plays, band and chorus presentations, art exhibits).
  • We will encourage open communication among members of our school community and the community at large (e.g., classroom newsletters, Home-School Association newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, Principal’s letters, progress reports, parish bulletin announcements, press releases in diocesan and local newspapers, the school web site).

To provide a planned program of integrated studies in the areas of religion, language arts, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, foreign language, fines arts, music, physical education and health.

  • We will provide learning opportunities, which are interdisciplinary (e.g., Catholic values and traditions in all areas of the curriculum, cross-curricular filed trips, technology as an integral part of the sciences and language arts, class plays integrated with content areas making use of the visual and performing arts,).
  • We will provide extra-curricular activities, which enable students to use learned skills and behaviors in a variety of ways (e.g., literary publications, chorus, band, athletics, math, literary, and photography clubs, and outreach programs).

To foster creativity and to encourage critical thinking through writing, researching, listening and communicating.

  • We will provide opportunities for using the skills of researching (e.g., use of the school library, trips to local libraries, writing term papers and preparing and exhibiting projects).
  • We will encourage writing and reflecting (e.g., journal keeping, pen pals, prayer partners, school publications, and the Young Author’s Program).
  • We will foster the use of the communications skills of listening and speaking (e.g., guest speakers, assemblies, civic oration, class presentations and the Friends with Special Talents program).