Our Mission

In an atmosphere of welcome and acceptance of the diverse gifts and talents each of us has been given by God, the Saint Joseph School Family answers its call to model Jesus. We nurture our gifts in the pursuit of our full potential as God’s children, growing spiritually, cognitively, creatively, and socially, working to bring forth the kingdom of God by sharing these gifts. As an evangelizing community, we prepare each person to be a faith-filled, knowledgeable, articulate and confident member of the world in which we live. St. Joseph School is a holy place where we discover each other in God’s love.



  • A   Accept each person as a unique creation in God’s image.
  • M   Model Jesus as we make everyone feel welcome in this “holy place.
  • E   Educate each other for life.

  • N   Nurture the diverse gifts and talents of the whole school family.