Principal’s Letter – 09/21/22

Saint Joseph School

25 Squire Street

New London, Connecticut 06320

“A holy place where we discover each other in God’s love”


September 21, 2022

Dear St. Joseph School Families,

Our school year is off to a wonderful start, as we begin the journey through this new year of praying, learning and playing together. Continuing to answer our call to serve others in our communities near and far, we are in the planning stages of holding monthly casual days for specific purposes.  This month our casual day (no inappropriate tees, sweats or leggings unless the top is long enough) will take place on September 30th.  The student must bring one regular or family size box of cereal in order to wear casual clothing on that day.  These will be donated to St. Vincent de Paul Place in Norwich.  Recently, they have been feeding 400 families in need.

Our first Home and School Association gathering for this year takes place this evening at 6 p.m.  Please join us in the school auditorium to share some thoughts on what we might do to provide for our school and our children. Kristin Massad and Susan Tierney, our new presidents, will also share their ideas. We are inviting and urging our parents to participate in our “fun-raising and fund-raising” efforts. Everyone and every activity is vital to the success of our school and building its family atmosphere.

Please remember the warm weather uniform is to be worn through October 9th barring any extremely cold weather. This means that in a few weeks, we will be wearing our more formal uniform.  These uniforms are made to order by Donnelly’s and must be ordered now to receive in a timely matter.  For those who are unable to find the “tan buck” shoes, please check with the office prior to purchasing an alternative shoe. 

Thank for your efforts with the World’s Finest Chocolate Bars.  We ask that you return the cost of the box ($60) by the beginning of next week if you have not already done so.

When your children are going to be out of school for any reason, please do not text the teacher.  Our Handbook states that you are to call the office at 860 442-1720.

We are continuing to plan for our accreditation visit by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  Our steering committee and the entire faculty and staff have been working very hard to prepare the necessary documents for the visit committee’s perusal. We look forward to your participation and to celebrating our success!

We seek to provide the excellence in education that we have always provided!  Our Mission remains the same: “To Accept each person as a unique creation in God’s image; to Model Jesus as we make everyone feel welcome in this holy place; to Educate each other for life; and, to Nurture the diverse gifts and talents of the whole school family.” This means that we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which your children’s faith is nourished, while receiving an excellent academic education. You are the first educators of your children. Help us to assist you in the best possible way!

Prayer and spirituality are integral to who we are as people, and as a school family. We continue to seek God’s help with all that we are do.   

Please continue your prayers for our families, our staff, our school, and all who are in need of prayer in these difficult times. We pray especially this week for all who have been affected by the recent hurricane.


God’s Blessings on All,

Marianne Cote